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    We Ensure a Safe Working Environment by Predicting and Preparing for Hazards

    Paving is a tough industry to work in with huge equipment, sharp tools and warm mix asphalt forming an integral part of the process.

    We are committed to keep health and safety of our people and the working environment dominant by sticking to every possible safety measure as determined by the paving industry and in compliance with legislative conditions.
    Proactive protection in the form of rigorous training of all our supervisors and employees in using equipment with extreme care is squarely aimed at preventing accidents at the workplace at every cost.

    To ensure that we are always a step ahead in maintaining inflexible health and safety norms at project sites, we have either trained and certified our people or have hired certified managers in requisite areas such as:

    • Orientation in meeting safety guidelines
    • WHMIS
    • Safe heavy equipment operation
    • Standard First Aid and CPR